Parts Oven joins the letterpress renaissance! 

At Parts Oven we have a passion for printing (after all that's why we got into the business of 3D printing!) If you have been paying attention lately you may have noticed how Letterpress printing has been quietly making a huge comeback amoungst the creatives and hobbyists alike. Being hobbyists oursleves we couldn't be more thrilled with the popularity and comeback of this antique print style. That's why we are continuing to push the envelope and use additive manufacturing techniques to revolutionize the letterpress movement.

We can take your letterpress design, and a few dimensions based on your setup, design a custom plate, and print it out in durable ABS capable of withstanding thousands of impressions (if used correctly). Prices start at $99 for single plates, and bulk order discounts are available. 

See another example project we did for a friend's wedding here.